About the Brahmina

The Boston Brahmina is not wealthy nor WASPy; she can trace exactly zero ancestors to the American colonies; she attended not an Ivy-League but rather a public institution of higher education; she is a latte-swilling liberal, a godless heathen, a humorless feminist, and a number of other blue-state stereotypes. She is, in fact, in all ways antithetical to the social class of Boston Brahmins. She is, however, a snooty intellectual who drops her Rs, which is considered credentials enough in the eyes of nearly everyone who is not themselves a member of that elite caste.

She is also a copy editor and writer at a niche magazine, though she continues to accept freelance work on the side. She’s got to save up for that fancy stand mixer somehow.

The Brahmina would also like you to know that, except in blog bios, she is not in the habit of speaking of herself in the third person, which she thinks is kind of weird.

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