Models: They’re bad people*

At least, that’s what Photoshop Disasters seems to think. Unless the guy who runs the site is secretly a doctor, and therefore he’s diagnosing, rather than uncreatively ridiculing, the discoloration on this woman’s arm as “junkie trackmarks.”

Photoshop Disasters: Hot Topic model

To me it looks like a scar or birthmark, and looks nothing at all like track marks (which look like this), but hey, I’m no secret doctor!

Fellow secret doctors in the comments section disagree with the diagnosis, but most seem to concur that it either has something to do with the fact that she’s thin, a status she must have gained through questionable means, or that she’s modeling for Hot Topic, which means she’s a whiny depressive and/or subculture freak. Some alternative diagnoses: A bruise caused by the anemia she has because she doesn’t eat! (Comes with bonus prescription for a sammich!) A scar caused by self-harm! A bruise from the kinky sex she was having last night! Scarification! Infection from a piercing gone wrong!

To be fair, more than half the commenters are saying that it’s not a Photoshop Disaster at all, that the mark is at worst not distracting, and at best the sign of a refreshing willingness to allow models to appear “imperfect” (otherwise known as “human”) for once. And although one person did attempt to sneer that one of the commenters defending leaving the mark alone is “gay,” someone else called them out on using “gay” as an insult! All this non-douchebaggery was a pleasant surprise on a site whose comment section usually seems to thrive on hackneyed mockery, played-out put-downs, and puerile antics.

Unfortunately, Hot Topic only listened to the minority opinion and has since airbrushed the whatever-it-is out. Because models have to adhere to inhuman standards of beauty so insane that even the most attractive people require the helping cursor of digital manipulation, and anything that detracts from the plastic “perfection” of their looks not only makes them ugly, but is also a sign of some kind of moral failing on their part. If a birthmark makes you a junkie, I dread to think what kind of mass-murdering sociopath you must be if your body is hideously deformed by a few moles or a spare tire.

*Not, of course, that I think engaging in any of the actions mentioned above makes you a bad person, but the commenters who are speculating about them sure seem to.


2 Responses

  1. Junkie track marks would be higher, near her veins.
    Also, it wouldn’t be a massive scar like that. There would be smaller little separate ones.
    I’ve never even touched heroine and I know that.
    That’s just one big scar, or maybe a burn scar.

  2. Thats obviously a scar. Tracks don’t look anything like that and that vein is hard to hit.

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