Thought for the day

Sorry to have gone silent for a bit there. I forgot to mention that I was venturing south of the Mason-Dixon for a relative’s wedding, and I was way too busy to post. But I’m back in good ol’ Massachusetts now, where people aren’t completely taken aback by self-deprecating humor, and I’ll probably start posting regularly again this weekend/next week.

For now, I give you a quick thought for the day: Why is that with so many Congresspeople using federally administered healthcare, a large number of whom are vehemently opposed to single-payer healthcare and all of whom have ready access to a national audience, we have not heard one horror story of the evils of government-run healthcare? To be sure, anyone in Congress is probably wealthy enough not to have to delay or forgo care—if the health insurance plans they get through their elected offices fail them, they can buy supplemental insurance or pay extra costs out of pocket. But if they had to resort to that, why haven’t they said anything? How far would a little anecdata go? Imagine a Representative on the Sunday morning talk shows saying, “I was told I’d have to wait three months to see a cardiac specialist, so I bought supplemental insurance so I could get taken care of sooner. What about all those Americans who aren’t as fortunate as I am? How long will they have to wait to see a specialist?” Or a Senator complaining, “My federal health insurance wouldn’t allow me to see the family doctor I’ve been going to for 20 years. Luckily for me, I can afford to pay her out of pocket, but what happens to working-class Americans? Do they have to give up their trusted medical practitioner?” Middle class people who don’t realize how much cheaper government-run healthcare would be would eat that shit up. (Of course, the 46 million Americans who have no health insurance probably won’t be much bothered by these complaints, since they people who can’t go to the doctor don’t have preferred practitioners and may have been delaying much-needed medical care for years, but the anti-single-payer folk don’t seem too concerned about them anyway.) The fact that not one Congresscritter has come out with such a woeful tale of how big government ruins everything makes me suspect they don’t exist. Which means, of course, that those opposing the government option are even more despicable, because they know themselves to be lying.

Sub-thought for the day: Why do anti-single-payer pro-lifers think it’s evil to “put a bureaucrat between you and your doctor” when they’re talking about providing healthcare to the poor but think it’s great, awesome, super-duper necessary when they’re talking about pregnant women? I’ve been chewing on that one for weeks and somehow the only answer I can come up with is “misogyny.” But that can’t be right…


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  1. I never thought about that (anecdotes about how government healthcare does not work – obviously it does, otherwise someone would have done that and it would be genius they also don’t complain about their healthcare in general…hhhmmmm)- but you’re totally right! You’re a genius. I have, however, thought about the last point…and agree with your conclusions – barefoot and pregnant makes us much less of a threat, nevermind I did more while vomiting/wanting to vomit/not sleeping in the first three months than many men manage with a cold or, gasp, UTI. (Although, admittedly, not nearly as much as many pregnant woman manage and to them I bow down–deep, like full on deb ball cotillion curtsey.)

  2. That cotillion image is cracking me up, especially because I’ve been reading Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights lately. “I bow in most humble admiration of your remarkable ability, which far surpasses my own, to endure such frequent and copious upchuckery, m’lady.”

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