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Maxim: We are prevented from acting professionally by our proximity to BOOOOOOBS

My housemate Alexx, whose unexpected receipt of Maxim first alerted me to the whole all-gamers-must-love-tits crapfest, tried to opt out of Maxim and get his refund online so that things might process sometime this century. But when he submitted his form, all he got was this lousy ultra-charming error message:


You know, we could try and say this was part of the plan…

But guess what? We’re too busy trying to act like we’re working and not just looking at hot chicks to care.

❤ the Maxim Dev Team

Ha! Check out this hilarious and edgy error message, you guys! No one could be mad that we are preventing them from getting their money back when we are such lovably cheeky little scamps!

Because guys are incapable of not staring at tits. It’s in their DNA! Because “I was too busy sexually harassing that model” is an awesome excuse for not doing your job. Because only straight dudes would be doing anything at all on the Maxim website, and all straight dudes would be totally sympathetic to this “problem” that Maxim employees have of being unable to tear their eyes away from some hot chick’s cleavage. And because Maxim employees are all straight dudes, so this serious and totally real medical condition afflicts everyone in the office.

It might not seem worth spending any time or energy on breaking down the logic of such a minor and poorly executed joke, but you know what? Encouraging the objectification of women in order to excuse your shitty customer service is doubly offensive, and I’m not going to let it pass without comment.


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