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Second Monday: So far, so good

Pack is back! But he’s too damaged to reattach, so the city will have to commission a replacement. I hope someone takes up a collection for that $8-10,000, because I doubt there’s any duckling money in the stimulus package. However, I asked for eight ducklings, and eight ducklings is what I got.

The weather for game time looks OK. Not great, but the chance of precipitation is only 20%, which means Opening Day will probably actually happen. Finally. Unfortunately for me, Second Monday is known to the rest of the world as Tuesday, which means I have to go to class and miss most of the game.

And the Vermont legislature overrode the governor’s veto, legalizing gay marriage in a fourth state (third in New England. I’m just saying. And what I’m saying is, we’re awesome.). Woohoo! It was a real squeaker, getting through the House by just one vote. I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures.

And to recap the rest of New England: Massachusetts and Connecticut, obviously, are already down with marriage equality. Maine and New Hampshire offer domestic partnership protections and civil unions, respectively, and both are considering legislation to open marriage to everyone. Rhode Island is the only New England state not currently making progress toward a measure of legal equality for same-sex couples, and I have no idea why. I do know, however, that Rhode Island is the tiniest state in the union, and if it doesn’t get moving on this issue soon enough, the rest of New England will gang up on it and stuff it in a locker until it sees reason.


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  1. We’re still working on the marriage equality thing down here in the Mid-Atlantic TriState Whatever the Hell we’re supposed to call this region. Here in NY we’ll recognize gay marriages from out of state, and we’ve got a governor who is like ‘I’ll sign the bill as soon as you send it to me, come on people’, and the Democrats are in control of the state Senate now, but they’re not all on board with it yet, so we’ll see.

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