Belated blogiversary

Photo by PinkCakeBoxI just realized that my 1-year blogiversary was over a month and a half ago. It’s been a pretty kickass first year, I think. Miss Conduct linked to me early on, and last night I met her at the Yes Means Yes reading! She is, unsurprisingly, pretty darn cool. I also met Kate Harding, and she knew my blog! Or at least recognized the URL from when I comment at Shapely Prose, but whatever, it blew my mind either way. I’m blaming the mind-blowing for the fact that I may have fangirled over both of them in a way I should probably be embarrassed about.

Thanks to everyone who’s commented over the past year—it’s been really interesting, so keep the insights coming! Extra-special thanks to Alyson and smadin, for starting or expanding conversations so often, and to eloraine, whose discussion of gender in video games helped me realize exactly why I had stopped playing and get me started again. No thanks at all to my first troll, who never made it out of moderation. Sorry, Phil A. Buster; better luck never!

To celebrate, I present a roundup of five of my most popular/personal favorite posts of the year. Enjoy!

  1. On not being a dillweed in the meet market: How to meet women in bars without being an insensitive jerkass. (Yes, I still find playground insults hilarious.) It’s focused on heterosexual hookup attempts simply because their power imbalances and strict gender roles generate the largest amounts of asshattery.
  2. Life, death, and hypotheticals: One more argument for why it’s impossible to justify the forced-pregnancy position.
  3. You are cordially invited…: In which I get cranky about bridal and baby showers.
  4. Quickie: Palin’s wardrobe: Actually fairly long. More information has come out about the whole debacle since then, but I think my main points still stand.
  5. Smacking down Michelle: Patriarchy in action! And it’s not just the menz!

3 Responses

  1. I just realized that my 1-year blogiversary was over a month and a half ago.

    Hey, that sounds familiar!

    Happy blogiversary!

  2. I know! At the time I was like, how hard is it to keep track of when you started blogging? And now… I guess I know.

  3. I cannot BELIEVE I only just found your blog! Where have I been?! I need to do a better job of actually clicking on my commenters’ links…

    But I’m really excited about adding it to my RSS feed (I’ve been poking though a bunch of your older posts already) and I’m glad you’ve been reading mine!

    Happy (extremely belated) blogiversary!

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