CNN knows what’s important

ETA: Sadly, Mariana Bridi da Costa died just hours after this was originally posted.

A 20-year-old Brazilian woman is likely to die from a simple UTI. Mariana Bridi developed a urinary tract infection which went undiagnosed and has turned into septicemia. Doctors have removed her kidneys and part of her stomach, as well as her hands and feet. “They say her situation is very critical and that her chances (of survival) are not really significant, but she keeps on surprising everyone,” said a spokesman. “Two weeks ago the doctor gave her 24 hours to live and she’s been fighting and resisting—she’s quite amazing.”

What headline did CNN put on this story?
Mariana Bridi

Hotness in photographs undiminished

Silly me, I thought the story here was that something as simple as a UTI could turn into something highly deadly. I see this story and I wonder, What happened? Did her doctors ignore her symptoms? Did the traveling she does for her job keep her from seeing a doctor in time? The story mentions she was living with her boyfriend; was she reluctant to admit to sexual activity in a country where the Madonna/Whore complex reigns supreme? Clearly somewhere along the line, something went horribly wrong. But CNN only wants to tell me how hot she is, and how promising her modeling career was, as if the tragedy here is that if she somehow manages to survive she will no longer be asked to parade around in a swimsuit and have her picture taken. Even for Mariana, who we are repeatedly told always dreamt of being a model, the loss of her career will probably seem the smallest price she had to pay for life if she manages to hang onto it.

You keep it classy, CNN.


3 Responses

  1. CNN just wants the page views. I wonder whether a reporter had to agree to this presentation to get the story out there, or if the “hot woman disfigured” angle is what sold the editors on pursuing it in the first place?

  2. That headline is at least better than the tabloid like one I saw after she died, which read something like “Amputee Model Dies.” Which made me think that she was an amputee who had somehow made a modelling career despite it, which woulda been kinda cool. Only upon reading it did I figure out wtf was actually the case.

    • I saw a headline like that one too, rowmyboat, and if I hadn’t known the story already I would have thought the same thing. I don’t think the one about her death is actually worse, though. It’s unclear and it assumes you’ve been following the story, which is bad practice, but at least it doesn’t totally ignore her death (or impending death) in order to highlight her reduced attractiveness (according to extremely narrow prevailing beauty standards).

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