Spreading the rage around

What the fuck, Wingnuts? Were you all asleep through 5th-grade civics?

I speak, of course, of this “Obama is a Communist” meme going around because he said his tax plan would “spread the wealth around.” Well, DUH! So would McCain’s. So would Ron Fucking Paul’s.

It’s a tax plan! Tax plans, by definition, redistribute wealth. The only questions we’re actually debating here are whose wealth, how much of it, and where it goes. Not whether or not any wealth is taken from one person or group and given to another. Redistributing wealth is the primary function of the government. And not just in Jesus-y wasteful “feed the poor, heal the sick” way us namby-pamby liberals talk about, but in the “pay … Debts and provide for the common Defence” way the Constitution talks about. Redistributing wealth is in fact the first power the Constitution grants Congress. To question whether, rather than how, wealth should be redistributed is to question whether people should be ruled by governments at all.

So the real question, my friends, is not whether Democrats are Communists, but whether Republicans are Anarchists.


2 Responses

  1. For some time now, many Republicans have effectively claimed to be Anarchists, with all their talk about “drowning government in a bathtub”. But, since they are politicians, you should ignore what they say, and pay attention to their actions.

  2. oohhh…I get excited when I’m not the only one commenting! And then I say, right on! We should maybe meet and be friends. I linked to you on facebook – not that it’ll up your traffic at all since my friends are either members of the choir or so far outside the church that there’s no preaching to them.

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