Shocking announcement!

Ready for it? Sitting down? Paper bag at hand? Because here it is:


No! I do not! You know why? It’s not that exciting.

Millions of 17-year-olds are fucking as I type this. Some of that fucking will result in pregnancies. Some of those pregnancies will result in live births. Bristol Palin, like thousands of others, hopes to be in that last category. I don’t care about all those other 17-year-old parents-to-be, so why should I care about this one?

It doesn’t matter one tiny bit that her mother is running for veep. Bristol’s actions are her own, and do not reflect on her mother. And even if we could somehow demonstrate that an independent, basically-adult person’s actions gave some indication of a relative’s character, there’s no reason that Bristol’s actions should indicate anything at all about her mother’s character, because they don’t even indicate anything about her own character. She fucked, which about half of 17-year-olds do, and became pregnant, a known side effect of fucking. That’s all normal—not good, not bad, not anything. Average, common, quotidian, bland, boring. Means nothing.

And anyone who claims to be progressive needs to stop talking about it immediately. Her pregnancy tells us nothing about abstinence-only education: We already knew that’s a failure, and furthermore we don’t know, nor should we ever find out, what kind of sex ed she received, what birth control she did or did not use and why she did or did not use it. Her pregnancy tells us nothing about the effects of fundy values: Plenty of children of non-fundy parents become or cause someone to become pregnant while teenagers, and furthermore we don’t know, nor should we ever find out, what factors led to her decision to continue the pregnancy. Her pregnancy tells us, in fact, nothing at all.

Which leaves only a few reasons that people could want to talk about it. One, they have a pervily intense interest in a minor’s sex life. Two, they think slut-shaming is a fun pastime. Three, they derive unseemly glee from watching a woman who has the gall to be openly and unapologetically ambitious encounter impediments to that ambition. Four, they don’t think all women have the right to decide what to do with their uteruses in private, without interference, unsolicited “advice,” and judgment.

But I’m sure those who want to discuss Bristol Palin won’t mind my asking them to first identify which flavor of misogynist asshat they are.


2 Responses

  1. -cheers-

  2. very well said!

    i can’t believe how many people I have had to explain this to who just DON’T get it.

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