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Still a dick

So McCain waited until the next morning to announce his veep, which is marginally less dicky than the other plan. However, even more dicky is the statement he’s making by choosing a woman who doesn’t believe in women’s rights. Allow me to interpret for you:

Hey, Hillary voters! You’re looking for a vadge, right? Well, now we got a vadge! You gotta vote for us! Stupid bitches’ll fall fer anything, amirite? What? What’s still on? Oh, fu— !


One Response

  1. exactly. still a flaccid ole, moldy, wartspeckled dick. and just like the cliche, he’s trying to use an attractive woman to get it up. to quote a great man “we’re better than that”. and hillary voters are predominantly pro-choice, so mccain/palin doesn’t do anything for them. net/net: no difference come november.

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