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Instructions for being Governor of Alaska

  1. Ink signature stamp.
  2. Apply inked stamp to back of federal check.
  3. Hand endorsed check to secretary to take the bank.
  4. Call all three of your constituents.
  5. Knock off early.

3 Responses

  1. I think Palin is very, very scary. She’s governor of a state with a population of 10,500. Boston, whereI live, has a population of 599,351. That alone would make Menino better qualified than Palin to be VP. Scary thought…

  2. A, I think you’re thinking of Wasilla, the town she was mayor of, which has fewer than 9000 people. The population of Alaska is about 670,000. But still, just Boston proper—which is, as we both know, pretty small geographically—has almost as many people as her entire state. And of course the metro area has more like 4.5 million people, and Menino has to work with several other towns on issues like water usage and public transit, so he also has more “foreign policy” experience than she does.

    And, like I said, Alaska runs almost entirely on federal money (residents pay the lowest taxes in the country), and 65% of the state is federally-owned land that the state has no control over and no responsibility for, so being governor is not exactly an overwhelming position.

    Although I’m mocking Palin and McCain for trying to tout this as “experience,” what scares me isn’t the fact that she’s a complete neophyte, but her ass-backwards attitudes toward women and social justice. Experience is helpful, but not necessarily essential to being a decent veep. Not being an oppression-mongering jackass is.

  3. My bad! I did mean her town, not the state.

    I agree with you 100%. She is so backwards, it’s scary.

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