Dick move alert!

You heard it here first: McCain likely to be a huge dick tonight!

Several Republican sources told CNN late Wednesday that McCain has decided on his choice of a running mate. Some suggested that reporters could learn that person’s identity as early as Thursday night not long after Obama’s acceptance speech.

There’s manipulating the news cycle, and then there’s this bullcrap. Baseball fans may be reminded of last year, when Scott Boras, agent to superstars and an extraordinarily slimy greedball even for an agent, decided to announce that his client, one little-known guy named Alex Rodriguez, had opted to become a free agent during the 7th inning of the clinching game of the World Series. (This Red Sox fan, who was forced to listen to the breathless speculation about what salary A-Rod would command next year while watching her team—what was it again? Oh yeah—WIN THE WORLD FUCKING SERIES, was particularly unappreciative.) Nothing like getting your grubby hands all over someone else’s moment of glory to make yourself look like a classy dude.

The thing that really kills me about both these announcements is that they’re huge on their own merits and would dominate the news cycle for days no matter when they were announced. If you don’t need to piggyback on someone else’s fame but pull this kind of stunt anyway, you’re an even bigger dick.

And I can’t help but notice that the media seem inclined to just sit back and wait for McCain to tell them who he picked for veep, whereas when it was Obama they had simultaneous stakeouts going in four states so they could preempt him by 4 fucking hours. Dear Media-types: You and your buddy John can share my special Dick of the Week Award. The prize is three-hour wet willy. Love, the Boston Brahmina.


2 Responses

  1. I didn’t actually hear it here first, but I absolutely share your rage both concerning Bore-Ass himself and the McCain campaign’s apparent interest in emulating him.

    Seriously, fuck that noise.

  2. Well, sure, if you’re gonna be all well-informed about things…

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