Bits ‘n’ pieces

Three things that are making me cranky:

  1. This:

  2. You stay classy, Boston Globe.

  3. This Dear Prudie letter.
    Let me sum up:
  4. Letter writer: I agreed to go on a cruise with an acquaintance and now he’s exhibiting borderline stalker behavior.
    Prudie: Jane, you ignorant slut! That’s what you get for expecting men to treat you as anything other than a fuckhole.

  5. The gossipy piece I saw on some news station or other last night talking about how the next president, like four of the 6 who immediately preceded him, will be left-handed, and spouting all sorts of cockamamie reasons for the predominance of lefties. They’re better multitaskers! They think they’re special! They overcome the adversity of a right-handed world!
  6. Apparently nobody in the media owns a motherfletching calculator or understands basic precepts of statistics. Like, “weird shit happens in small samples.” About 10-15% of the population is left-handed, and come January, we will have had 43 presidents, 7 of whom were or are lefties. That’s about 16%. If they’d done this piece before World War II they’d have been noting that all but two presidents were righties and wondering what was wrong with lefties that they couldn’t seem to win elections.

    And as long as I’ve already stooped to bitching about fluff pieces: Has anyone else noticed that 48% of the population is male but 100% of presidents, including the next one, have been/are male? What is it about men that make them so successful in seeking the presidency? Multitasking skills? A sense of their own exceptionalism? Overcoming the adversity of an woman-dominated world? Magical penis powers?

Three things that are making me happy:

  1. Clinton’s badass speech.
    We’re going to pretend that I wisely turned off my TV as soon as it ended and did not see the pundits attempt to find something to bag on, and did not throw anything at my screen, and therefore my thoughts have no cause to wander to less pleasant things when I remember the fabulousness that was that speech. Because it was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC by anyone’s standards, and every time I think about it I get a warm, fuzzy feeling.
  2. The “Protect yourself from John McCain” condom that my friend who’s covering the DNC promised to bring home for me. (You guys, he’s only 24 and the wire service he works for sent him to Denver! That’s a big fucking deal! And I’ve been telling him for years that I planned to ride his coattails to glory, so my plan seems to be progressing nicely.)
  3. I have a Bachelor’s degree! Finally! Well, I’ll get the actual degree in the mail in a couple weeks, I suppose, but summer session grades posted today, and my degree audit now shows happy little “100% completed” graphics!

6 Responses

  1. It must be overcoming the adversity of a woman-dominated world. For sure. Crazy women and their making more money total control over their bodies easy access to birth control er… crazy women!

  2. Yup, we sure do make it hard on men. Poor little guys. Why, did you know they couldn’t even vote until the ’20s? Wait…

  3. Congratulations on getting your bachlor’s!

  4. This pissed me off a few days ago, and I wanted to point it out to you… re: Michelle Obama’s speech:

    … Donna Melton of Frankfurt, Ky., also liked that Michelle Obama emphasized her domestic life over her professional life. “She allowed us to see her as a mother and as a wife, and not so strong-willed and independent,” she said.

    Ye gods, how DARE a woman try to come across as strong-willed and independent!


  5. Thanks, PD!

  6. Cheeeeeeeeeezus, that’s bad! Even as I was watching her speech I was saying to myself, “I really hate how much emphasis they’re putting on her kids. It’s such a blatant attempt to pander to people who are scared of free-thinking women, and those people won’t vote for Barack anyway.” I, foolish optimist that I am, never thought that someone would state those insecurities so baldly, or that they would identify as liberals.

    Thanks for pointing this out, juldea. I will attempt to channel my rage into something coherent tomorrow.

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