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While I’m on the DNC

…is anyone else worried about this tribute to good ol’ Teddy? It could just be a “better thank him while we have the chance” move, but it smells like the prelude to a retirement announcement to me. Not that I would blame the guy—he’s been in office since my parents were in diapers, and brain cancer is probably not very much fun, but I would miss him.

Sorry to clog up your inboxes, RSS readers! I’m a bad, bad blogger. I sentence myself to 10 Hail Meatsauces as pennance.


2 Responses

  1. Well — though it pains me awfully to say it — this is pretty likely to be his last DNC. I hope he’s not retiring (he always seemed to me more likely to be the die-in-office type, in any case), but whether or no, I lean toward the “thank him while we have the chance” explanation.

  2. I just returned to this site to say nearly the same thing Scott did. His cancer is not known to be survivable and depending on the type, he may not have a lot of time left. We will continue to hope that he’s around for a while, of course. It is hard to imagine that he’s planning to retire, but circumstances may overtake him, alas. In the meantime, it’s great to see him in such fine form and it would be lovely if he had many more such days.

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