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Of toilets and Judge Judy

I wouldn’t have pegged Judge Judy as a Fat Acceptance-friendly person because she’s so, well, judgy, but today I stumbled across this clip in which a woman is suing her friend for cracking her commode. The plaintiff’s case, communicated entirely in facial expressions, is, “Of course it’s her fault! Can’t you see she’s fat!” But Judge Judy isn’t buying it.


2 Responses

  1. Oh My God! (or g-d, I don’t know, are you Jewish?). I reluctantly watched this because boredom has set in and I was looking for reasons to not get up.

    Know what was better than Judge Judy? The heinous looks the petitioner was giving that screamed – I’m a giant LOSER who is way too spoiled for my own good, oh, and I’m smarter than everyone in this room. All y’all are lucky I deign to talk to you. Which begs the questions: How does she have any friends being that pouty? and Why was the defendant friends with her?

    bahahahahahaha. Fabulous.

  2. People on court shows are always suing former friends/roommates/partners and then screaming at them over, like, tupperware on national TV, leaving the viewing audience to wonder, aghast, “How did these people ever get along well enough to become friends/start a relationship/live together?!?!” Not… that I watch any daytime court shows while I work from home. Because I could never tolerate such lowbrow voyeurism. Nope. Not me. Only opera and foreign films at my house.

    And I’m an atheist, so as far as I’m concerned you can blaspheme against any deity you damn well please.

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