Dammit, Joss, you too?

Is anyone else here watching Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog? It’s the Joss Whedon internet-only project created during the writers’ strike. The comic-book musical follows Dr. Horrible’s efforts to get into the Evil League of Evil, led by supervillain Bad Horse (the Thoroughbred of Sin), and it’s pretty funny. But a song in Act I contains the line, “So make the Bad Horse gleeful or he’ll make you his mare.” Ha ha! Get it? Being the female is bad! Rape is funny!

I know it’s hardly the worst transgression on the wide world of the internets, and I find it a bit easier to forgive because the joke itself is at least a little funny and I know Whedon is no misogynist turd, but I think it’s because he’s such a prominent ally that I’m a little disappointed. I’m not generally a fan of the genre(s) in which Whedon usually works, but I do tend to give his projects a try because he writes smart, funny scripts full of strong women. I expect his shows to be a small feminist safe haven, where for once I won’t find myself jarred out of passive entertainment mode and into a seething bitchfest by some fresh insult to womanhood. The letdown when that expectation turns out to be misplaced can be pretty intense.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link. I had missed it somehow. As you think about the line, remember it’s sung by one who is both evil and a horse. And horses do have a patriachal society.

  2. […] by fredtopeka on July 18, 2008 Via Boston Brahmina, Joss Whedon has a musical thingy called Dr. Horrible. It’s a three piece (about 13 minutes […]

  3. Ah, yes, Joss Whedon, the “feminist safe haven,” who originally rejected Amber Benson from the Tara role because she “wasn’t the right body type.” Note she’s the only woman to weigh over 125 on that entire show, except for various evil women, stupid nurses, etc.

    Sure, he puts women in front. But they’re all skinny women. I don’t consider him my safe haven.

  4. Juldea, I hadn’t known that. That definitely puts a damper on my genre-transcending Joss love.

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