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Come sit next to me, Miss Conduct

It’s been a few days since I’ve mentioned my love of Miss Conduct, so it seems about time to bring it up again.

Anyone who read last week’s Dear Prudence, which included a letter that asked how a woman should deal with the “problem” of her friend not wearing a bra, probably did what I did: Spluttered in disbelief that an etiquette columnist actually advised someone to have a serious talk with a friend about her underwear choices, then reached for the whiskey. Fortunately, Miss Conduct has a more useful solution: Post her response to a similar question and make fun of Prudie’s ridiculously intrusive “ask her if she has a medical problem” advice.

I’d be really interested to know how, exactly, one is to “Ask if the reason she’s suddenly braless is because there’s a medical issue she needs to address” in anything like an appropriate and natural fashion, regardless of how close the friendship is. What the heck, as long as you’re probing a friend for information about her underwear and health, why not throw finances in there as well: “So, I see you’re not wearing a bra. Do you have something medically wrong with your breasts, or can you just not afford underwear anymore what with the recession and all?”

You go, madam.


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