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Open thread

Summer classes are ending next week and I’ll be busy all weekend, so I’m trying to crank out papers and prepare for a final and I’m too fried to post anything serious. Instead, I’m stealing an idea from Shapely Prose and asking you all, what’s your favorite part of summer where you are? Do you have any plans for this long weekend?

Personally, I love that in June my housemates and I consume approximately 30 million strawberries fresh from our garden. I love lounging around with a novel that no one assigned me to read. I love riding my bike to and from school (about 4 miles each way). And I love Shakespeare on the Common, the free outdoor performance every year in downtown Boston. I gather up a few friends and some wine, stake out a spot on the grass, watch the daylight fade, and settle in for an entertaining, companionable evening.

Over the 4th, I’m heading down to the Cape for our annual family reunion where I will eat a ton of food, sleep late, lounge by various bodies of water, and drink and discuss books with my 11 maternal cousins, their significant others, and assorted aunts and uncles. We’re Irish, so there should be about 30 people there this year, and none of them will be distant, half-remembered relatives.

This thread should also be considered a general amnesty for lurkers. I know people are reading, but very few are commenting, so consider this an opportunity to introduce yourselves, get a comment approved, and maybe start to build a community.


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  1. I am reading so I figured I would comment. 🙂

    I am in Sacramento and this weekend I am looking forward to relaxing. I don’t have too much work to do , so I want to really veg out, maybe go to some parties, but not be working. Since one of my jobs is very social, usually when I go out, I am promoting or working but I just want to have fun …. that’s my goal this weekend. I love the sun and my garden that’s out on my balcony, so I’ll probably plan some time outside with my plants and hanging out with my cat. 🙂

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