Let’s start a meme

I voted for Hillary Clinton way back on Super Tuesday, and on November 4, I will happily and without reservation cast my ballot for Barack Obama. I will not stay home. I will not write in Senator Clinton. I will not cast a protest vote for Ralph Nader or Susan B. Anthony or my grandfather. I will not, under any circumstances, vote for John McCain. I will vote for Senator Obama with a song in my heart and a smile on my lips, then I will go home, raise a glass, and watch the results roll in.

We all know that this media narrative that Clinton voters are abandoning Obama in droves is complete and utter bullshit, but it seems like it’s only those people who actually conform to the meme who are speaking out. So let’s start a new meme. Let’s all of us former Clinton voters who will vote for Obama in the general start saying so, in blog posts and in comment sections, in newspapers and in magazines, on TV and on the radio, to our friends and to reporters. Maybe we can’t change the narrative, but we can make the media look stupid for pushing it.


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  2. Gasdocpol, I don’t understand why anyone would vote for McCain, but “idiot” is a pretty loaded word, and I wish you wouldn’t use it here. It was long used to refer to any person with any kind of mental impairment, and many in the disability rights movement now consider it offensive.

  3. YES!!!! Thank you for saying this SO beautifully! This is what I feel like I’ve been trying to explain for months and I’ve been shocked by how hard it is for people to understand. Supporting one candidate doesn’t mean that you have to furiously dislike the others, nor does it mean that I can’t get behind my second choice 100% and be quite excited about him!

  4. Exactly, Rachel. Obama was my second choice, but he’s a damn sight better than anyone else I’ve had a chance to vote for, and I have exactly zero qualms about transferring my support to him.

  5. The policy of Obama would be far closer to that of Hillary than McCain’s would.

    It would seem to me that for A Hillary fan to vote for Mc
    Cain, it would have to be out of spite. I guess spiteful people need love too.

    The term idiot does have a technical definition and is defined by IQ. I was speaking figuratively. In my opinion , such voting behavior does not seem to me to be very intelligent.

  6. Gasdocpol, “idiot” used to have a technical definition, but it was abandoned by the medical community decades ago. Furthermore, you’re clearly not using “idiot” in its now-obsolete technical sense, which I guess you could try to argue is value-neutral, although you would be wrong. Since obviously not every, most, or possibly any person who voted for Clinton and is planning to vote for McCain has an IQ under 25 — the long-dead technical definition to which you allude — you’re just using the term as an insult. And when you insult someone you dislike by classing them with an oppressed group, you’re saying that both that person and everyone else to whom that term applies are worthy of contempt. Please see my post on gendered insults. It’s exactly the same logic.

  7. Of course it is only my opinion but an individual whose judgement in everything else might be emminently satisfactory, I submit that in this context, his (her) judgement is that of someone with an IQ of 75 if he (she) has preferences of first Hillary then McCain as opposed to Obama.

  8. Gasdocpol, you have no idea what you’re talking about. IQ tests are worthless, IQ cannot be context-specific, people with 75 IQs may not be noticeably impaired, and an IQ of 75 still would not meet the rejected technical definition of “idiot.” If you attempt to continue this line of defense, I will consider your arguments to be in bad faith and will delete them.

    Furthermore, I have news for you: This is not about you. It doesn’t matter what you meant when you said “idiot” or what you think the word means. It is offensive. The issue is that that word causes offense. If you step on someone’s foot by accident, you apologize because you caused them pain, regardless of whether you meant to cause them pain. When you use offensive language, you cause pain to the people that language denigrates. When someone points out that this action is harmful, the correct response is to stop, no matter what motivated you to do it in the first place. Are you really so callous that you refuse to make a tiny alteration to your own behavior in order to spare others considerable unhappiness?

  9. Coleen

    I humbly apologize to all that I have insulted. I did not realize what pain I was causing.

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