‘It was a nonevent’

I meant to post this earlier, but I got caught up in some schoolwork, so instead it’ll be a nice happy story to ease you into the weekend.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s younger daughter publicly came out yesterday, and says that telling her parents nearly a year ago “was the easiest coming out experience that anyone could possibly have.” Deval Patrick has been an advocate for the state’s gay community since long before he learned his daughter is a lesbian: He promised to uphold equal marriage rights in his 2006 campaign, marched in pride parades, and threw his weight behind defeating a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage last year. Here a few choice quotes from Katherine Patrick’s interview:

Walking into the kitchen, she asked her parents to stop what they were doing and she asked her aunt Lynn to leave the room because she wanted to talk with her mother and father alone. Her parents turned to her and she said, “I’m a lesbian.”

“And I’ll always remember the first thing my dad did was, [he] wrapped me in a bear hug and said, ‘Well, we love you no matter what,’” Katherine recalls. Diane Patrick moved in for a group hug.

“I thought, ‘Well, what did she think we were going to say about this?’ Because I really hoped that she didn’t harbor any concern that we were going to be worried or upset or scandalized in any way,” the First Lady explains. […] [R]eally, said Diane, “it was a nonevent in the sense that there wasn’t any tension. I was just happy for her that she knew who she was and that she was comfortable with who she was.”

“You know, I can still – because we live in Massachusetts – I can still imagine what Katherine’s wedding is going to be like.” Lowering his voice, [Deval] adds, “How much it’s gonna cost.”

Definitely read the whole interview, because Katherine Patrick is a remarkably self-possessed and well-spoken young woman.

Father and daughter will once again be marching together in Boston’s Pride Parade tomorrow.


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