Call me, Michelle!

I know I am 100,000 internet years behind on this, but I was at the baseball game Tuesday night and missed Obama’s speech, so I just now finally caved and watched the infamous Fist Bump That Shocked A Million Honkeys. (Honkies? This is like that time when I was still working in dead-tree media and we had a copy-desk-wide fight over the proper pluralization of the word “ho.” The AP Style Guide was remarkably unhelpful.)

Anyway, the fist bump itself is adorable, because they are an adorable couple and it is clearly a playful gesture between two people in love, and I agree with everything Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ann at Feministing said. But that’s not really the reason I pulled my fingers away from their important Saturday-morning tasks of holding a coffee cup and flipping through channels of cartoons. The real reason is that I cannot get over how awesome Michelle Obama’s dress is! I hate to be so utterly shallow, because Michelle Obama is awesome for any number of other reasons and we should totally be friends except she’s way too cool to hang out with me, but that color! It’s amazing, and she looks fabulous in it. And the cute belt and the oversized, playfully retro pearls! This photo doesn’t even do it full justice, because you can’t see that it’s cut to that just-below-knee length that looks great on tall women. I’ve long admired her style, and I think the frequent Jackie O comparisons are deserved, but seriously, I just cannot get over the undying fabulosity of this outfit. Call me, Michelle! Take me dress shopping! I have weddings to go to this summer and apparently I’m not allowed to wear jeans.


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