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A little light posting

Two searches that led people to my blog yesterday:

“kathleen sebelius strong smart classy”
“sports reporters cleavage boston world series”

So, one platonic crush on the governor of Kansas and one decidedly non-platonic crush on whoever was doing the on-field reporting* during last year’s World Series.

Posting will like remain spotty for the next week or so while I revel in the long-awaited sunshine, continue wading through the sea of margaritas that has been the celebration of my 24th birthday, finish up papers, and work out my schedule for summer classes. I’m also working on a long post about restructuring the primary system so it’s less of a level-four clusterfuck and more your garden-variety boondoggle.

*The on-field reporter is almost always a woman, and it seems to be the only position available to female TV reporters working in sports. At least women are being allowed into sports reporting in some capacity, though it’s hardly the same as letting them into the booth. And since 90% of the on-field job is interviewing players and repeating verbatim what coaches said during commercial breaks, I can’t help but wonder if it’s just a way to get boobs on screen without giving any easily-offended guys the idea that a woman knows more about sports than they do — even, perhaps especially, if the woman in question does know more about sports than they do.


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