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They’re not even trying to hide it anymore

OK, let’s play a game. Which is running for president, and which ran the Kentucky Derby?

Not that hard, right? So why is the press having such a tough time with it?

(Screencaps in case they come to their senses at some point.) This is what three and a half minutes of Googling on Eight Belles’ tragic demise gets you. And those are just the ones that mention Clinton in the headlines — I didn’t count the ones that mentioned her in the lead (most of them) or in later in the story (all of them). I can just hear the He-Man Hillary Haters Club press drooling over this story: “The primary is already covered like a horse race, see, and Hillary’s girly pick lost to a Big Brown boy, and then died! It’s so perfect! How can we possibly resist!” Sometimes they’re not brave enough to spell it out for you outright, and sometimes they totally fucking are.

Shoehorning Hillary Clinton into this story, which has nothing to do with her, comes from a deeply misogynistic desire to revel in her death-by-proxy that’s nearly laughable in its transparency. Furthermore, if Hillary’s the dead-loser-horse in this metaphor then, logically, Obama is the winner, the “powerful stallion.” Comparing a black man to an animal is such an obvious and commonly-discussed racist trope that even I, Whitey McPrivilegepants, am well aware of its nasty implications.

Please, media-types, stick to talking about the candidates in the context of actual political news. Your disgusting prejudices are slightly less obvious that way.


One Response

  1. But it didn’t help that the Clinton campaign released a statement claiming Eight Bells was downed by sniper fire.

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