A different kind of Valentine’s

I hate Valentine’s Day for all the usual reasons: it’s disgustingly commercial; it’s openly misogynistic; it brings out the loons; it brings out all the annoying couples, both depressing and twee; it’s a pressure-cooker of other people’s expectations, regardless of whether you’re single or coupled; it’s a lame band-aid on bad relationships and a strain on good ones, making every affectionate gesture on that day feel coerced. Of course, the nature of the beast is such that it’s almost impossible not to do something, lest you feel like world’s most emotionally stingy significant other, so my boyfriend and I usually wind up cooking ourselves an extravagant dinner and trading Simpsons references over a bottle of good wine.

This year’s a bit different, though, because The Princess Bride is playing at a local independent theater. Now this, this is the kind of Valentine’s tradition I could get behind — romantic but not saccharine, inexpensive, casual, a little quirky. If you’re local to Boston, I strongly encourage you to make the trip out the C line, because if you’ve somehow never seen the movie, this is a grievous oversight that must be rectified immediately, and if you have seen it, you know it’s sweet and funny and wonderfully good-hearted and never gets old. If you’re unfortunate enough to not live in the Hub, you can generate that same watching-two-kittens-snuggle-in-their-sleep level of warm-and-fuzzies with just a few cents worth of candy and the courage to approach a stranger.

I’ll see you tomorrow in the half-price chocolate aisle.


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  1. Thank you for the link. I hope you and your beau had a lovely evening.

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