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$2.7 Million worth of racist, sexist fun

Did you catch this SalesGenie ad during the Super Bowl? 

Seriously, what the hell were they thinking? I know people are going to say, “Well, you’re talking about the ad, right?” But how much does that help if every time you hear the company’s name you think, “racist assholes”?

And this is not a momentary lapse in judgement, oh no: 


Let’s take a quick look at some of the many things wrong with these ads, shall we? In the first ad, a couple of bucktoothed Chinamen are too stupid to run their own business or even refrain from eating the product they’re supposed to be selling. The wife is nagging harridan who sits around on her fat ass all day and does nothing. They call a psychic for advice, which is at least supposed to show (some more) how dumb they are and is possibly also a swipe at some Chinese religions and their multiple gods. Fortunately, a nice white lady answers the phone, gives the wife good advice to pass along to her husband (because even a phone psychic knows the woman couldn’t be running the business) and everything is better! In the second, Apu Ramesh discovers he should have been happy stealing American jobs remotely from India, because he’s a terrible salesmen, proving that only Real Americans can perform American jobs properly. A nice white lady — this time in the form of a picture at the top of an internet ad — gives him some good advice and everything is better for him and his seven kids! The message, apparently, is that even you’re a useless, economy-draining immigrant with audacity to speak English with an accent, worship some god(s) other than the Judeo-Christian one, have more than 2.3 kids, or in any other way deviate from June and Ward Cleaver gold standard, SalesGenie can transform you into a relatively palatable facsimile of a Real American.

The only reason I can imagine they thought this kind of racist, sexist, xenophobic bullshit might fly is that they restricted themselves to Asian characters in hopes of capitalizing on years of people being told that Asian kids are smarter than their kids and Indians are taking their jobs. “Look!,” the ads are saying, “They’re not better than you! You’re better than them! Just like always!” 

And SalesGenie has a history of trying to play on people’s — specifically white, male people’s —  feelings of inadequacy: 

SalesGenie’s contact info seems to be impossible to find, but you can express your displeasure to its parent company, InfoUSA, at:

Stormy Dean, CFO

Phone: 402-593-4500

Fax: 402-537-6104

Email: ir@infousa.com


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